Ron Jaworski Does 180 On Johnny Manziel After Pro Day


October 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; ESPN announcers Suzy Kolber and Ron Jaworski talk prior to the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Pittenger

Many experts think pro day workouts are over-hyped and over-analyzed and completely irrelevant in the grand scheme. But don’t tell that to Ron Jaworski.

The man known as Jaws clearly puts a lot of stock in pro day workouts.

All it took was one Johnny Manziel workout and Jaws did a complete 180 in his opinion on the quarterback.

Before Thursday, Jaworski infamously said he wouldn’t take Manziel in the first three rounds. After Manziel threw on the helmet and camo shorts and tossed the ball around against a pass rush consisting of a guy with a broom?

Jaws changed his mind.

Jaworski called Manziel’s workout “magnificent” and now says he absolutely would draft Manziel in the first three rounds.

Jaws also said he was impressed by Manziel’s decision to work out in helmet and pads. Of the shorts, Jaworski had nothing to say.

One has to wonder, after such a sudden turnaround, how sincere Jaworski was in his initial opinion. Was he just talking smack about Manziel to be different? Did he ever really mean the bad things he said?

Or was he legitimately down on Manziel until the workout, at which time his mind was completely changed?

Hard to say. If Jaworski really was turned around that much by one workout, then you can’t tell me the workouts don’t matter at all.

Clearly the workouts matter to someone. Or maybe Jaworski is just full of it.

I’ll wait to hear what Mike Mayock has to say.

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