2014 NFL Draft Profile: Ka’Deem Carey, RB Arizona


These days, NFL analysts have been debating the importance of having a great running back on their team.  Well, they must not have watched Ka’Deem Carey at Arizona the last two years.  Carey does it all as a running back.  He is an excellent runner, good pass catcher, and reliable blocker. If running backs were valued as they were in the past, he would be a lock as a first round draft pick.  Instead, he looks to be a late second to early third round prospect, but a team with a desperate need at running back may take a look at Ka’Deem Carey sooner than that.

Over the course of his last two seasons at Arizona, he has shown to be a running back that can handle the load.  He shows of workhorse-like ability while doing anything that is asked of him.  He is no stranger to finding the end zone at the college level by powering his way through groups of defenders.  It is strange watching a 5’9″ running back that weighs in at 207 pounds pushing back defensive linemen and linebackers much, much bigger than him, but he did it on a regular basis.

Carey has the potential to be a feature running back in the NFL, but might be better suited to being eased into action.  And let’s be honest, there isn’t a better running back in the NFL to learn from than Adrian Peterson.

Here are his statistics over 3 years at Arizona:

  •  37 games played
  • 743 carries
  • 4239 rushing yards
  • 48 rushing touchdowns
  • 77 catches
  • 679 receiving yards
  • 4 touchdown catches
  • 6 fumbles
  • 4 fumbles lost


  •  Strong, physical frame
  • Excellent footwork
  • Accelerates quickly
  • Great at finding holes


  • Lacks elite speed
  • Fights too hard for yards sometimes, resulting in fumbles

Fit For The Vikings

Right now, Minnesota is looking at Matt Asiata as their backup to Adrian Peterson, and may look to upgrade.

My Take

If Ka’deem Carey is available for the Vikings in the third round of this year’s draft, they should heavily consider taking him.  He would be a great complement to Adrian Peterson and more than capable backup.