Could Derek Carr and His Brother David Join Vikings As Package Deal?


Dec 7, 2013; Fresno, CA, USA; Fresno State Bulldogs quarterback Derek Carr (4) prepares to run a play against the Utah State Aggies in the first quarter at Bulldog Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Draft prospect Derek Carr has an interesting two-for-one proposition for NFL teams: select him as your future starting quarterback, and get his brother David as a backup in the bargain.

While this may sound like a goofy idea, Derek Carr says NFL teams have expressed interest in taking him and his brother up on the proposal.

Derek explained the thinking behind the QB twofer idea during an appearance on 957 The Game in San Francisco.

“The main reason they like it is because you’re going to get a vet who wants to help the rookie, while at the same time, is gonna push me harder than anybody because he wants the best for me,” Carr said.

“There’s no division in that locker room because we’re both rooting for each other. We’re not saying one thing behind each other’s back.”

The idea only has legitimacy because David Carr himself used to play in the NFL, having been a first overall draft pick by the Houston Texans in 2002.

The elder Carr’s career of course did not go the way people expected. He flamed out in Houston, and ended up bouncing around for several years before dropping out of the league altogether.

Clearly, David Carr has little chance of getting back into the league on his own merits, but could he find himself landing a job on an NFL roster as a sort of backup/quarterback coach for his little brother?

The idea has its advantages, I suppose. There’s the stuff Derek mentioned about his brother being able to mentor him without a personal agenda getting in the way. And David does have a unique perspective on the pressures of being a young QB in the league, having been a first overall pick himself.

Of course, if Derek needs to partake of his brother’s wisdom, he can always just call or text him or hit him up on Facebook, or whatever those guys do. Does he really need his brother actually on the roster?

I’ve heard of helicopter parenting, but helicopter brothering?

It sounds odd, but according to Derek, teams are at least willing to listen to the idea. When push comes to shove though, I doubt any team would be willing to give Derek a guarantee that, should they draft him, they would automatically sign his brother.

I certainly don’t see the Vikings entering into that kind of arrangement.

The Vikes already have two veteran QBs on the roster in Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder. Pulling off the Carr Brothers two-for-one would require them to cut Ponder, and that’s not something I would see them doing.

I just can’t see the Vikings carrying David Carr as a third QB merely to assure that his little bro has proper mentoring. Not when you already have Norv Turner, the QB guru, on board as OC.

Sure, the Vikings do have slightly nepotistic tendencies, with both Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner adding their own progeny to the coaching staff. But they’re coaches, they can do whatever they want.

The nepotism shouldn’t and won’t extend to their roster building practices. So I doubt we’ll be seeing David Carr in purple this year.

Derek Carr on the other hand?

Despite the Browns’ apparent intense interest in the younger Carr, I think there’s a distinct possibility that he will end up with the Vikings.

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