Peter King Discusses the Vikings Options at No. 8


Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King, one of the most respected writers in sports, stopped by Winter Park recently for a project he is working on. While there, he took the time to do an interview with the Vikings Entertainment Network.

Of course, the most interesting topic discussed was the Vikings options with the 8th overall pick in the draft. Specifically, as to whether the Vikings should take a quarterback at that spot.

“If you take a quarterback at No. 8, you have to be convinced he’s your quarterback of the future,” King said. “You have to be convinced. Are they convinced on any of these guys? I don’t think any of the guys around the league are convinced at all about any of the quarterbacks.”

But King does think the Vikings will take one at some point. He shared a quote that appeared in his column this week from former Super Bowl winning Packers coach Mike Holmgren.

“If you don’t have a quarterback, you have to take one,” Holmgren said. “You have to take one.”

The Vikings signed Matt Cassel this offseason to prevent themselves from being forced to pick a quarterback early, but it seems inevitable that they’ll come away from the draft with at least one. And King said signing Cassel doesn’t prevent you from taking a quarterback in the first round either, it just gives you options.

“Could Matt Cassel, like Matt Schaub in Oakland, be the bridge for one or two years? Yeah, I think he could,” King said. “But if you have a very good feeling about one of these quarterbacks, maybe not a [flawless view], but a very good feeling, I would take him at 8.”

King also acknowledged that the choice is difficult because of all the talent in this year’s draft class.

If you don’t [take a quarterback], obviously you’re going to get a very good player at 8,” King said. “You may not get the player that you want but who knows, maybe Khalil Mack drops into your lap.”

A choice at No. 8 between Khalil Mack and a top quarterback prospect? I’m sure the Vikings would take that scenario in a heartbeat.