Thinks Vikings Got “Hosed” by 2014 Schedule


Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

After announcing it would announce its 2014 schedule yesterday, the NFL officially announced its schedule today (did you get all that?).

Shockingly, the NFL’s official website was ready with multiple articles analyzing the schedule only moments after the schedule was released.

The Vikings were featured in one of those articles, listing teams that got “hosed,” or received an unfavorable schedule.

It’s easy to see where is coming from. In the first five weeks of the Mike Zimmer era, the Vikings will play the Patriots, Saints and Packers, with the last two games on the road. The game at Lambeau also comes on a short week, which should not make things any easier for the Vikings.

The Vikings season certainly gets off to a bumpy start, with those three games and a road opener against a potentially tough St. Louis Rams squad. The Vikings also won’t be seeing TCF Bank Stadium much in the fall, as only three of the team’s first eight games are at home.

By the time the Vikings have more home games in the back half of their schedule, the weather may not be exactly favorable either. It makes sense that the Vikings could not have too many home games scheduled while the Minnesota Gophers season is still ongoing, but it won’t make for a warm home game atmosphere.

The Vikings and the Gophers only play back to back games at TCF one weekend this season. The Gophers will host Northwestern on Oct. 11 and the following day the Vikings will host the Detroit Lions, the team’s first divisional game of the year.

The Vikings divisional games are a lot more spread out this year, after the team opened with two games against division rivals last year. The Vikings division schedule is very back-loaded this year, with four divisional games coming after the team’s bye in week 10.

What do you think Vikings fans? Do you agree with that the team got “hosed” by the NFL schedule makers? Or do you like the team’s 2014 slate? Sound off in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Goatman102!