2014 NFL Draft: Wilfs Will Fly In For Meeting to Decide On Johnny Manziel


Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) carries the ball against the Duke Blue Devils during the second quarter in the 2013 Chick-fil-a Bowl at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Or until the Wilfs fly into Minneapolis on their private jet and consult with Rick Spielman.

This is the situation outlined by Ian Rapoport. The Vikings have not yet made their final decision on what to do with the #8 overall pick. So the owners will come in for a late meeting to make the call.

Why do the owners need to be consulted in person? Because the Vikings are still considering drafting Johnny Manziel.

Take the report as more smokescreening if you will. But that’s the report. Rick Spielman is still mulling taking Manziel but he needs the owners’ seal of approval.

Of course, getting this report out there is also great cover for Spielman if the fans aren’t happy with the pick. This way, everyone will know that Zygi Wilf signed off on it.

They may even suspect that Wilf was the one who wanted to make the pick in the first place. The implication here could be that if Spielman does take Manziel, it’s somewhat against his will.

The bigger question: Will Manziel even be available at 8?

Rick Spielman may be hoping that another team grabs Manziel, taking the decision out of his hands.

But indications right now are that Manziel will slide past Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay and the rest of those teams, landing in the Vikings’ lap.

If the Vikings do pull the trigger on Manziel, it will only be with Zygi Wilf’s express blessing.

Spielman should get that in writing so he can whip it out in two or three years if Manziel busts and he gets his butt fired.

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