Experts’ Takes on Vikings First Round


After months of build-up, the first round of the NFL draft has already come and gone.

And for the Minnesota Vikings, it was business as usual as the team picked multiple times for the third straight year, grabbing UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr and Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

No doubt we all have our own opinions on how the Vikings did with these picks, but what did the so-called experts in the media think? Well, to save you some time on Google, you can read right hear what analysts thought of the Vikings first night of the draft!

Mike Mayock, NFL Network

Mayock thought the Vikings would take a look at Barr on the clock with pick No. 9, and overall he had a pretty favorable view of the selection.

“He’s explosive,” Mayock said. “He needs more strength, he needs experience, but when you draw him up does he look like Jason Taylor or what? That’s kind of how he plays.”

Mayock made it clear that Barr still has a long ways to go as a player though, saying “[Barr] has no idea what he’s doing,” on the field, just relying on his natural ability. Specific areas Mayock would like to see Barr work on include his use of hands and lack of a countermove.

“A ton of upside, and Mike Zimmer and that staff will get it out of him,” Mayock said. “I think he’s going to be special.”

Mayock also spoke favorably of the Vikings selection of Bridgewater, even though Mayock slid the quarterback down his positional rankings in the weeks right before the draft.

“It’s a great situation for the kid,” Mayock said. “He’s smart, he’s tough, he has everything you want in the innate stuff, the intangibles.”

“I like his tape,” Mayock said, adding that he dropped Bridgewater on his board because it was the first time a pro day did not confirm what he saw on film. “I still feel like he needs to get bigger and stronger.”

Mel Kiper, ESPN

Kiper, like Mayock, sees Barr as a very raw prospect.

“I like him because he flashes in some games,” Kiper said. “When you watch the film, he plays like the offensive player he once was. He’s not tenacious, he’s not intense, and he had trouble at times reacting where the ball was going.”

Kiper went on to mention Barr is a “work in progress.”

Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

Jeremiah, a former scout with the Ravens, thought the Vikings had a good first night.

“Love the Vikings draft,” Jeremiah tweeted. “They picked up my 6th (Barr) and 11th (Bridgewater) rated players.”

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports

Prisco did live grades after each pick Thursday night, and the Vikings managed to pass with both picks.

For Barr, Prisco wrote “I like this pick for a team that needs to get faster at linebacker. He will amp up the blitz package.” Prisco gave Barr’s selection a B.

“I like the Vikings going up to get Bridgewater. It makes sense when you don’t have a quarterback,” Prisco said of the team’s second selection, ultimately giving the pick a B-.

The Vikings were one of three standout teams Prisco mentioned after the first day, along with the Browns and the Rams.

Matt Miller, Bleacher Report

Miller, providing analysis after each pick, was bullish on the Vikings selections, giving the Barr pick an “A” and the Bridgewater pick an “A+.”

Bridgewater was rated as the No. 1 overall prospect on Miller’s boards, so the grade comes as no surprise.

“I think it’s a great pick,” Miller said. “When you look at everything that Bridgewater can do, he’s an instant-impact type quarterback. He’s everything that I would want in a quarterback. Accuracy, intelligence, pocket presence, he does it all.”

Miller was also high on the selection of Barr, and even gave a prediction for his rookie year.

“Anthony Barr, a ton of upside, great fit for Zimmer,” Miller said. “I think six to eight sacks [his rookie year.] I’m really interested to see how Zimmer unleashes him.”

So what do you think Vikings fans? Did these experts get it right or did you disagree with their takes? Are you happy with how round one went for the Vikings? Sound off in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Goatman102!