Bradley Randle Turns Down Packers’ Workout Offer


Former Vikings practice squad running back Bradley Randle recently turned down an offer to workout for the Green Bay Packers, and he wants you to believe he did it out of loyalty to the Vikings.

Randle tweeted this to his Twitter followers, most of whom are Viking fans who’ve become somewhat irrationally enamoured of the one-time UNLV back:

I wonder what Randle’s response would have been had the Packers offered him a contract instead of merely a workout? Would it still be SKOL for life?

Look, I’d really like to believe that Bradley Randle loves the Vikings so much he would refuse to workout for the Packers out of Purple loyalty, but I’m just not that naive.

It’s more likely that Randle just didn’t care for the terms the Packers were offering and therefore turned down the opportunity. We know that Randle reportedly was told by the Vikings that they might want him back if things don’t pan out with one of their other running backs. So Randle at this point may believe that hanging on and waiting for a spot to open up with the Vikings is the better career option than taking workouts.

Not to sound cynical, but I seriously doubt that some deep-rooted loyalty to the Vikings was behind Randle’s decision to turn down the workout. It just sounds good to say that. Clearly, this guy enjoys having fans.

And clearly there are plenty of people willing to be on the Bradley Randle bandwagon. Despite the fact that Randle hasn’t done squat yet for the Vikings.

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