Cordarrelle Patterson Visited Rice Lake Elementary School


On April 11th, 2014, a first grade girl at Rice Lake Elementary School went to her computer and wrote a letter to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson.  The letter was probably quite different from the others that he usually receives from fans.  The teacher went to Twitter and posted a picture of the girl working on the letter, the letter itself, and the young lady holding the completed letter in front of her.

Here is the Tweet that was sent by the teacher of the class:

In case you can’t read the letter, here is what is says:

"Dear Cordarrelle Patterson,My name is Nevaeh.  I am a first grader.  My favorite thing in school has been art and math.Do you still play football?  I watched you play last year.  I loved your cleats last year and how you make touchdowns!  What do you do every day?  How do you get good at catching footballs?Would you be able to come to our school?  I would like you to teach us how to play football at recess and have lunch with us.  You could call my teacher if you want to.  Have a nice day.From[signed by Nevaeh]"

On May 27th, Patterson actually made the trip to Maple Grove, Minnesota to visit Rice Lake Elementary School to visit Nevaeh and her classmates.  He played outside in the rain with the kids and answered questions in the classroom.  He even ate lunch with them.

After the visit, Patterson explained why he went to the school and how much fun he had there:

"“Just working hard and having fun with what I do helped me achieve my goals and dreams. I always smile and try to make the most of every day, If I can help these students smile and enjoy their day, we all win and we all get better. It’s a blessing to be able to make these kids light up and enjoy their time.”"

It’s always great to see athletes and celebrities doing this kind of thing.  It makes me proud as a fan of the Vikings and Patterson to see him care so much about the community and use his time to help brighten other people’s days.