Minnesota Vikings Superhero – Guardians Of The Galaxy Style


The Guardians of the Galaxy is set to possibly be the #1 movie of the summer.  Despite the fact that the film is a great science fiction romp, the Minnesota Vikings have not been forgotten.

David Rappoccio from The Draw Play has created a superhero based on the Minnesota Vikings that I think fans of the purple and gold all around the world can love and embrace.  Here is the character he created with the backstory:

The Guardians of the Galaxy style superhero. All art by David Rappoccio from The Draw Play.

"A Norse god. The legends say Frantark was once a mighty warrior who defeated his enemies by his shifty movements in battle. For his unconventional style however, the ancient Viking gods of Valhalla cast him out, and he would never again reach the lofty halls of the Viking heaven, though he got to the gates several times. He now wanders the thousand lakes instilling his powers in those he deems worthy."

Well, it’s quite easy to see which Minnesota Vikings legend this character is based off.  I think even Fran Tarkenton himself would look at this picture, read the caption and smile with delight.  The large axe and the helmet are great touches on a character that I could see hopefully someday gracing the covers of his own comic book series one day.

To see the rest of the NFL teams with their Guardians of the Galaxy type characters, go to http://therotation.sportsonearthblog.com/guardians-of-the-nfl-galaxy/.  It is worth it to check out just to see the Green Bay Packers guardian that somehow reminds me of Pizza The Hut from Spaceballs.