Minnesota Vikings Jerseys Flawed On Madden 15


For a game franchise that likes to claim that “It’s In The Game”, they seem to be overlooking one big thing that Minnesota Vikings fans might get a little frustrated with.  While this is touted to be the most realistic game in the franchise, there is one glaring error when playing as the Minnesota Vikings.  That error is the numbering on the Vikings jerseys on Madden 15, which is scheduled for release on Tuesday.

Last offseason, the Vikings announced their new uniforms and helmets in an effort to once again modernize the franchise and bring some excitement to the team and the fan base.  The biggest difference came on the jerseys, where they added serifs on the numbering to resemble the flags on Viking ships back in the day.

Apparently, putting in the code to make the Minnesota Vikings jerseys accurate representation of their on-field appearance was either too difficult or not worth the time of EA Sports.

This is very disappointing since I want the most realistic gaming experience possible when I play a Madden game and plan on playing as the Minnesota Vikings any chance I get and will feel  really let down by this effort when watching replays.

Here is what GamesRadar.com had to say about this new installment in the Madden franchise:

"Madden NFL 15 does a lot of things right. The overall presentation makes a nice leap from last year’s new-gen debut, and while longtime players may have some challenges with new play-calling options, the analytical data at your fingertips is a welcome addition. Connected Franchise Mode offers deep experiences for every kind of player, and the core gameplay continues to improve. Despite its challenging passing game and sometimes-clunky menus, Madden NFL 15 will make fans happy this football season."

Well, maybe it will make MOST fans happy this year.  Vikings fans will just have to wait and hope that EA either puts out a patch fix or corrects the Vikings jerseys in Madden 16.