Matt Kalil Could Be In For a Long Day Against Robert Quinn


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Okay, we all know Matt Kalil has been having his struggles. Even Kalil admits it (via

"“For me, I’m still trying to get my technique and form back,” Kalil said. “Thinking about the positioning of my feet, on top of that – the play – and the defender; I have a little bit going on right now, but I’ll just iron out the wrinkles this week and be ready to go.”"

To certain fans who don’t like hearing that kind of stuff: No one is “ripping” Kalil. No one is “hating on” Kalil. No one is saying that Kalil sucks.

It’s just a fact that Kalil has not been right. Facts are facts even when they are unpleasant.

Whatever is bugging Kalil – confidence issues, footwork issues, physical issues – he better get it turned around quick because the Vikings are playing the Rams this week, and the Rams happen to feature arguably the NFL’s best edge rusher.

Arguably? No. It’s not even arguable. Robert Quinn is, as of today, the best pure off-the-edge speed rusher in the NFL.

And Quinn will be lining up against Matt Kalil.

Robert Quinn will show Matt Kalil no mercy.

Are the Vikings worried about Matt Kalil? They’re pretending that they’re not. They also picked up offensive tackle Mike Harris off waivers the other day.

Is that a mixed message?

Though he does have experience in Norv Turner’s system, Harris won’t be thrown in week 1. Matt Kalil won’t be pulled, even if he struggles.

Messed-up Matt Kalil is still a better left tackle than anyone else the Vikings have on their roster as of today.

Kalil will have to do his best against one of the NFL’s best. And Matt Cassel will have to be ready to take some hits. And concentrate on ball security.

Norv Turner might want to help Kalil out with a tight end occasionally as well.

It could be a long day for Matt Kalil. But, look on the bright side: he’s getting the tough one out of the way first.

If somehow Kalil has a good game against Quinn, it will be a nice boost for his confidence. Let’s see how those PFF scores look on Monday for Kalil.

Have some salt handy, though.