Is Cordarrelle Patterson Bribing His QB With Cookies?


Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty good time to be a Minnesota Vikings fan.  The team has one of the most dynamic players in the NFL at wide receiver on their team in Cordarrelle Patterson and some veteran quarterback play from Matt Cassel.

However, Star Tribune’s Matt Vensel may have stumbled upon a super-secret system for Cordarrelle Patterson to get a couple extra looks his way from his veteran quarterback.  Here is the tweet from Vensel:

If this is truly the case, then Cordarrelle Patterson didn’t do enough baking prior to the Minnesota Vikings week 1 game against the St. Louis Rams.  While he did find five targets from Cassel in the game, fellow wide receiver Greg Jennings had two more passes thrown his way than the sophomore sensation did.  While 5 targets is nothing to sneeze at, Patterson needs to do more to establish himself as a top tier wide receiver instead of gadget player and return man. Matt Vensel then added that if Patterson sees more passes thrown his way during week 2 against the Patriots, we could be on to something.

While this isn’t something to take seriously, it’s always fun to see players joke around about things like this.  It means that morale is high in the locker room and the team is comfortable with the structure and leadership that has been put forth on them.

It’s all fun until it is game time, when the Vikings meet the Patriots this Sunday with a noon kickoff time from TCF Bank Stadium.