Cordarrelle Patterson Makes Up a Fake Reason to Be Mad at Bill Belichick


Athletes use “snubs” as motivation all the time, but normally these supposed slights, disses and insults at least have some slight basis in fact.

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Sure, players exaggerate the alleged snub – that’s all part of the self-motivational mind game. But seldom do you see a player create a supposed diss out of thin air just so he has something to be mad about.

That’s what makes Cordarrelle Patterson’s response to Bill Belichick’s alleged snub so head-scratching. It’s not that Patterson is blowing something Belichick said out of proportion, it’s that he’s reacting to something that was flat out never said.

He is angry about a diss that was never uttered.

The non-snub is supposed to be contained in this quote by Belichick about the Patriots’ decision to trade with the Vikings in the 2013 draft. Belichick was asked if he had any regrets about making that deal, given that it prevented them from having a chance to draft the rising star Patterson (via the Star-Tribune).

"“We made the decision based on what we felt was best for our team,” he said. “That’s what we always do. We felt like at that time it would be the best thing for our team, and that’s what we did.”So would the Patriots have drafted Patterson at No. 29 overall had the Vikings not come calling?“I don’t know. We didn’t hold onto it, so,” he said. “There were a lot of good players at that point. We feel we got one with the player we picked plus the other selections we received in moving back.”"

Somehow, in Patterson’s mind this statement got turned into “we didn’t want Cordarrelle Patterson.” The funny thing is that Patterson doesn’t seem to have read or heard the statement himself (via

"“I’ve seen a little article today where Belichick, I think he said he didn’t want me,” Patterson told reporters Thursday. “So that’s the kind of things that stick in the back of a player’s head. And you get out there, you just want to beat the defense up since people say things like that.”"

Patterson wants to go out and beat up the Patriots because of something he thinks Bill Belichick may have said about him but he’s not sure.

I’ve seen players blow quotes out of proportion for an extra jolt of motivation before but never have I witnessed such a blatant act of creating a diss out of nothing.

Cordarrelle Patterson will now be playing with a chip on his shoulder because of something bad someone never said about him. He is going to stick it to Bill Belichick for something he imagines Belichick said that Belichick never came close to saying.

Hey, if this help Patterson blow up against the Patriots? Whatever works, man. Winning is all that matters.

But it’s still kind of stupid. Athlete psychology remains a bizarre and sometimes idiotic netherworld.