Son Of Vikings Ownership Partner Dealing With Assault Charge


The Minnesota Vikings just can’t seem to catch a single break.  On a day where fans of the team were supposed to preparing for a great game against the New Orleans Saints, word was passed down by Sports Illustrated that the son of one of the Ownership Partners in the team was entering an intervention program for assault in order to avoid a lawsuit.

In 2013, Michael Mandelbaum was charged with assault in the third degree after allegedly shoving his wife down a flight of steps.  After fessing up to the act to the paramedics, Mandelbaum changed his story in a confusing story having to deal with false marriage claims and a divorce.

Sep 19, 2014; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addresses the media at a press conference at New York Hilton . Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Mandelbaum is the son of Vikings Ownership Partner David Mandelbaum, who has been a business professional since 1968.  David owns a degree in law from Harvard University and earned his undergraduate at Princeton.

At a time when the image of the Minnesota Vikings franchise is at an all time low, the fact that an incident like this can even be connected to the team is a bad thing.  With the Adrian Peterson situation still in full force with the national media and news of Jerome Simpson‘s arrest and release, it is quite interesting that this story is leaked now that the team is trying to save what is left of their image.

Hopefully, this incident will be seen for what it is: an incident that has absolutely nothing to do with the franchise.  The Minnesota Vikings should not be held accountable an individual who is not even a part of the team.

But you know how media is…