Captain Munnerlyn Rips Officials, NFL, Drew Brees


Captain Munnerlyn is living up to his reputation as a vocal player.

A day after finding himself on the wrong end of a highly dubious and definitely game-changing roughing-the-passer call, Munnerlyn is calling out anyone and everyone who needs calling out.

First, the officials for making the call (via the Star-Tribune):

"“You can have a guy wrapped up and he can still throw the ball away or try to find an open guy. It’s tough to make that decision … I don’t think it was a great call at all.“They made the call, I gotta live with it. I’m sure I’ll be hearing [about a fine] from the league.”"

Second, the NFL for protecting certain QBs:

"“Him [Drew Brees] and Peyton Manning and Tom Brady they like the face of the NFL, but it happened, they called the flag, and I feel like it changed the game for my team.”"

Third, Brees for getting in guys’ faces after the play:

"“And on that note, man, they can’t allow a quarterback to just get up and get in people’s faces without throwing a flag or nothing on them either,” said Munnerlyn, “so at least it should have been offset, a penalty on them, too.”"

The Vikings were down 13-9 at the time of the penalty, and appeared to have the Saints stuffed until the 15 yard penalty call gave the New Orleans offense second life.

The Saints answered by scoring a game-sealing touchdown, robbing the Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater of a chance for an amazing comeback.