Here’s the Hype Video the Vikings Showed ‘Top 30’ Draft Prospects


There’s nothing like a hype video to get potential draft picks pumped about joining your team.

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Draft prospects visiting the Vikings last week as part of the team’s Top 30 event were shown this beautifully produced hype video made up mostly of game highlights.

Gotta hand it to the video people with the Vikings Entertainment Network, they did a nice job on this package. It’s very slick.

This makes me want to go back and rewatch certain games from last year. Mostly the two that ended with dramatic walk-off plays.

I can only imagine the spine-tingling sensation the draft prospects must have felt watching this. This is the NFL experience kids. This is what you’ll be a part of if you join the Vikings.

Of course if you draft a guy he doesn’t have any choice but to play for you but, whatever. It never hurts to get a head start on instilling that sense of purple pride.

This is almost too much purple pride. Now I want to go out and hit someone in the face in slow motion.

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