Adrian Peterson Falls Off His PhunkeeDuck (Video)


If the Vikings do renegotiate Adrian Peterson’s contract in the coming weeks, they might want to work in a “no stuntin'” clause.

For realz Adrian. This is how you give your fans a heart attack.

It’s all fun-and-games until someone ruptures an Achilles.

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Could you imagine that headline? “Adrian Peterson tears Achilles in stuntin’-related mishap.”

Not how we want this all to end.

By the way, if you’re looking to get one of those little rolling Segway-like toys for yourself, I believe this is the item in question: PhunkeeDuck.

It’s not exactly a Back to the Future hoverboard but you can still get in plenty of trouble with it.

In case you’re wondering, no Adrian Peterson is not just frittering away his vacation screwing around on his PhunkeeDuck. There is also grinding going on as this tweet shows.

Mike Wallace and Jerick McKinnon are working out with Peterson? How’s that for team-building.

No rants here, just grinding and stuntin’. Only a month till training camp!

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