Vikings Stadium: Fire breaks out at construction site (Photo)


It may have looked dramatic but the smoke plume seen issuing Friday afternoon from the new Vikings stadium construction site turned out to be no big deal.

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The construction firm responsible for erecting the Vikings’ new home confirms that a fire did indeed break out on the site while crews were working, but say the small blaze was immediately extinguished and work was only interrupted for a short time.

Mortenson Construction says the fire started when sparks from a welding torch ignited some nearby insulation. Passersby reported smoke coming from the site and images show dark, nasty-looking plumes coming from within the shell of what will eventually be US Bank Stadium.

No one was hurt in the incident and the stadium was not damaged in any way. But of course everyone naturally panicked when they saw the pictures pop on Twitter because that’s how Viking fans are.

The team has been a dumpster fire for years and for a second it seemed their new home was headed in the same general direction. You can breathe again Zygi. All your millions did not just go up in smoke.

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