Breaking down all of Teddy Bridgewater’s rookie season interceptions

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Bridgewater’s ninth interception of his rookie season came against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

Here’s a throw that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place as the Lions had Charles Johnson pretty swallowed up here. Also, Bridgewater’s throw was a bit high. However, my issue with this play is that it appears as if Johnson is being held or interfered with after he breaks on his route.

That could be why Bridgewater made the throw – to get the call. I remember Brett Favre always did that when he thought a receiver was being held. He’d just throw the ball in the area and hope for the call. Is Bridgewater already savvy enough to think of that?

Regardless, it went down as an interception for Bridgewater and it resulted in points for the Lions.

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