Breaking down all of Teddy Bridgewater’s rookie season interceptions

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Teddy Bridgewater’s first interception of his career came at TCF Bank Stadium last season during a Week 6 contest against the Detroit Lions.

This play appears to be a play-action four verticals type of play. After the play-fake to McKinnon, Bridgewater instantly begins to stare down Patterson as he runs his seam route. Meanwhile, Greg Jennings is running a deep crossing route over the middle of the field. Glover Quin, Detroit’s safety, reads Bridgewater’s eyes and ignores Jennings to jump Patterson’s route and pick off the pass.

For Bridgewater, a simple pump fake to Patterson and a throw to a wide open Jennings OR looking off the safety by staring at Jennings and then throwing to Patterson would’ve definitely resulted in six points. With time, Bridgewater will undoubtedly learn these things and minimize mistakes like this.

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