Breaking down all of Teddy Bridgewater’s rookie season interceptions

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Bridgewater’s fourth interception of the season came in his very next start against the Buffalo Bills.

This is just an example of Bridgewater trying to do too much. He does a good job of escaping a collapsing pocket and rolling out to his right. Chase Ford tries to get open for Bridgewater, but the coverage is rock solid and throwing it away is the right play. However, Bridgewater tried to fit the ball into the tightest of windows and ends up throwing the ball off the defender’s back and into the hands of the safety.

Also worth noting: As Bridgewater rolls out to his right, Cordarrelle Patterson is literally just standing there. I think you can get a glimpse of it in the video. Any other receiver would be trying desperately to get open for his quarterback.

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