Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys: Preseason game review

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Aug 22, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Shaun Hill (13) passes against the Oakland Raiders in the second quarter at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings win 20-12. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Confusing

  1. Hey, Shaun Hill….What the heck are you doing?  Okay, there are jump balls and there are hail mary passes.  You DO NOT throw a hail mary at Stefon Diggs against Brandon Carr and underthrown so badly that it reminds us of a certain play that we won’t talk about by name.  Nothing makes me madder than a QB not protecting the ball.  And then he DID IT AGAIN!
  2. Why did the first team leave so quickly?  It was kind of sad seeing Bridgewater and other Minnesota Vikings starters sitting on the sidelines while the Dallas first team remained in the game.  Plus, it looked really bad when the second team was manhandled by the Cowboys starters for a little while.
  3. Team injuries.  This isn’t very Vikings related, but doesn’t it seem like there are a ton more injuries, or at least serious ones, this preseason compared to others?  And I’m no Packers fan by any means, but the list of injuries that they have had to endure to this point in the preseason is ridiculous.
  4. Paul Allen is obsessed with preseason records.  Every single game, Paul Allen (Minnesota Vikings announcer) talks about Mike Zimmer’s all time preseason record, where he hasn’t suffered a preseason loss as the team’s head coach.  We know that this is a cool stat, but it’s also as meaningless as knowing how many candies come in a bag of Peanut M&M’s.  A winning tradition is cool, but it’s the preseason…
  5. There should be five things on this list.  But there only 4.  Or are there?

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