Mike Zimmer calls out Rams for shot on Teddy Bridgewater


Mike Zimmer was not happy with the defensive tactics employed against the Vikings by Gregg “Bountygate” Williams and the St. Louis Rams this afternoon.

One play in particular, Lamarcus Joyner’s knock-out hit on Teddy Bridgewater, had Zimmer up-in-arms after the game.

Speaking to the media in the locker room right after the Vikings’ overtime win against the Rams, Zimmer squared up Williams and the Rams and let them have it.

Zimmer kept the heat on in his post-game press conference, refusing to name Williams but making it clear that he doesn’t appreciate the way the former Saints DC goes about things.

Zimmer wasn’t the only one who thought the Rams took it too far.

Immediately after the game, Zimmer was seen snubbing Rams coach Jeff Fisher during the traditional handshake.

So you be the judge: was this truly a dirty hit by Lamarcus Joyner or just one of those things?

I know where Mike Zimmer falls in that debate.