Adrian Peterson shoulders would-be tackler into oblivion (Video)


Adrian Peterson was a physically overwhelming force against Paul Worrilow and the Atlanta Falcons.

Pro Football Focus has Adrian Peterson down for nine broken tackles against the Atlanta Falcons.

Of those nine broken tackles, this one may have been the most impressively violent.

Linebacker Paul Worrilow attempts to get hold of Peterson and the running back simply turns his shoulder into him and knocks him down.

Worrilow bounces off Peterson’s shoulder like he ran into a stone wall. PFF blamed Worrilow for five missed tackles on the day.

Peterson’s 158-yard, two-touchdown performance was about all the Vikings needed offensively to defeat the Falcons.

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Teddy Bridgewater did chip in a little bit, throwing for zero touchdowns but only one interception.

The best thing Bridgewater did was avoid negative plays. Despite being pressured hard, he managed to avoid getting sacked.

Bridgewater may not have made many positive plays but he didn’t need to with Peterson knocking defensive players over like bowling pins.

Offensively, 2015 is starting to feel a bit like 2012. The good news for the Vikings is that, in 2015, they have a real defense.

And that real defense is why they could be a legitimate threat in the playoffs.