Minnesota Vikings: Top 20 games in franchise history

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7. Randy Moss torches Cowboys on Thanksgiving

Nov. 26, 1998. Randy Moss and the Vikings carved up the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Moss caught only three balls on Thanksgiving night 1998 against the Cowboys in Texas Stadium.

Three balls for 163 yards and three touchdowns.

The first of those three came on a flea-flicker (see above) to put the Vikings up 7-0 in the first quarter.

The second came later in the first quarter – a 56-yarder from Randall Cunningham without benefit of the flea-flicker action – and put the Vikings up 21-3.

The third came when Moss took a short pass from Cunningham, broke a tackle, laid a move on a defender down the field and scampered in for a 56-yard score. The Vikings went up 39-22 on that one and the game was over.

And that’s the kind of day that will earn you a turkey leg from John Madden.

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