Minnesota Vikings: Top 30 draft picks in franchise history

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27. Keith Millard

Millard played only six years for the Vikings but he made them count.

Taken by the Vikings with the no. 13 overall pick in 1984, the former Washington State defensive tackle played his first season in the fledgling USFL before making his debut with the Vikes in 1985.

Millard had 11 sacks his first year with the Vikings and 10 1/2 the next year.

He went to the Pro Bowl in 1988 when he had 8 sacks, then made the Pro Bowl again in 1989 when he had 18 sacks, still the most ever by a defensive tackle.

Millard was also first-team All-Pro in ’88 and ’89. He was named defensive player of the year in 1989.

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