Minnesota Vikings opponents set for the 2016 NFL season


The Minnesota Vikings know who their opponents will be for the 2016 NFL season as well as whether the games will be played at home or on the road.

With week 17 of the NFL season in the books, it can now be confirmed who the Minnesota Vikings will be playing against in 2016. This is able to be done because the schedules in the league work on a rotating schedule based on the position where they end the season at in their division.

After a quick glance at the list, it looks like the Vikings will have another very challenging season ahead of them in 2016, but they’ll get to do so from their new home at U.S. Bank Stadium with the 2015 NFC North Championship banner hanging from the rafters.

Here are the teams that the Minnesota Vikings will face in 2016 according to the official Minnesota Vikings twitter account:

At a first glance this schedule might seem favorable, but there are quite a few very difficult games on this list. They play multiple division champions and several young teams that are just a few pieces away from being competitive in the NFL.

However, this isn’t the time for the Minnesota Vikings to be looking ahead to 2016. The team is still alive after winning their division and securing a playoff spot. The focus for fans and the squad should be on the opponent for Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks.

Still, it’s fun to take a look ahead at who the Vikings will be playing at home and on the road as fans in order to plan trips to see games live, as folks won’t want to miss seeing the team play in their new home next season.