Minnesota Vikings: Five memorable Wild Card playoff games

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1. January 5, 2013 Vikings at Packers

The Vikings were doomed from the start in their Wild Card game against the Packers after the 2012 season.

The Vikes had just knocked off the Pack the week before to clinch a playoff berth and asking them to beat Green Bay for a second straight week was a mighty tall order.

It didn’t help matters that the Vikings had to take the field with Joe Webb at QB in place of the injured Christian Ponder.

Would the Vikes have beaten the Packers with Ponder? Probably not, but at least with him they might have had a puncher’s chance. With Webb they were screwed.

Yes I know, they should have run the read-option! Bill Musgrave’s fault.

Green Bay took down the Vikings 24-10 but were themselves bumped off by San Francisco the next week.

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