Minnesota Vikings: Five memorable Wild Card playoff games

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4. December 27, 1997 Vikings at Giants

New York Giants fans will never forget the Wild Card game in 1997 at the old Meadowlands.

The Giants went up 16-0 at one point in the second quarter and looked like they were on their way to rolling the Vikings.

But Minnesota did not just lay down and die.

Randall Cunningham led the Vikings on a roaring comeback in the second half, bringing the Vikes to within 22-20 on a 30-yard TD strike to Jake Reed.

A 30-yard TD strike that should not have counted because Reed only had one foot in bounds.

The Vikings finished off the comeback when Eddie Murray stuck a field goal from 24 yards away to make it 23-22.

That still has to sting if you’re a Giants fan. Though the Giants did get revenge a few years later by crushing the Vikings 41-0 in the NFC title game.

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