Minnesota Vikings Offensive Play of the Year vote open


The Minnesota Vikings had some great plays offensively during the 2015 NFL season, but now you can vote for the Offensive Play of the Year on Vikings.com.

There isn’t much more exciting in football than a great touchdown. Whether it is a run or a pass, each Minnesota Vikings score might put points on the board, but some plays are just more exciting than others.

That’s why at the end of the year it’s fun to take a look back at the best plays of the year and let fans vote on them to see which one was their favorite. And that’s exactly what is happening on the Vikings.com website were you can vote for your choice of Offensive Play of the Year.

On the official Minnesota Vikings website, there are five plays that are up for 2015 Offensive Play of the Year. Here are the choices:

Stefon Diggs’ 36-Yard Touchdown at Detroit

  • Teddy Bridgewater‘s 5 Touchdowns vs. Chicago
  • Stefon Diggs’ 40-Yard Touchdown at Chicago

    Adrian Peterson’s 43-yard Touchdown vs. San Diego

  • Kyle Rudolph‘s 47-Yard Touchdown vs. Green Bay
  • Personally, I think it’s a little cheap to group together Bridgewater’s five touchdowns against Chicago as one “play” to vote on. The individual touchdowns should be weighed on their own merits instead of being grouped together as one. However, that isn’t the choice that is currently winning anyway.

    In fact, the 36-yard touchdown at Detroit is the leading candidate at the time of this writing. Diggs stretching out to grab that pass was a great play, and it changed the tone of the game. But many of the plays listed in the five choices on Vikings.com were great plays that got Minnesota Vikings fans all fired up.

    Head on over to Vikings.com to vote for your favorite and watch the top picks for Offensive Play of the Year in a nifty video package featuring the voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen.