Vikings WR Charles Johnson has a night club for his shoes


Professional athletes love their shoes, but Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson has purchased Nice Box shoe nightclubs to hold his footwear.

Growing up, it seemed as though shoes were one of the biggest status symbols that kids could have in high school. People would spend hundreds of dollars on the newest and coolest shoes to impress their friends and show love for their favorite athletes.

For many, that obsession with having the coolest and newest footwear didn’t end when school did. Professional athletes, such as Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson, have been known to have large collections of their favorite shoes in multiple colors and styles, but have been limited as to how they can show them off.

That all changed when a man named Cedric Townsend was asked to create a shoebox for a friend’s son on his 16th birthday. Since then, he has gone on to create a business called Nice Box. According to the New York Post, Townsend describes his company as creating “a nightclub for shoes” that put all other shoeboxes to shame.

Here is an example of the work that Nice Box has been doing:

Townsend was messaging many professional athletes to get his company off the ground, and the first one to answer a call about Nice Box was Charles Johnson of the Vikings.

"“I started to send messages to a bunch of athletes on their Instagram pages, hoping at least one would hit me back,” Townsend says. “Johnson was the only one who replied.”"

These shoe boxes are not for the average consumer though. A  4-by-3-foot box runs $900 and a nearly 7-foot-long box is $1,200. However, they are very well made, constructed from plywood and personalized with LCD lights and other extras.

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At this time, it isn’t known if Nice Box has been able to get any more clients from the Minnesota Vikings or the NFL. But interested parties can get more information on Nice Box by contacting Cedric Townsend at