Randy Moss: Five times he was a great entertainer (Video)

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2. One Clap

The sports remix videos of D.J. Steve Porter were a thing a few years ago, and the Randy Moss “One Clap” video may have been the greatest of them all.

This clip is a great Randy Moss all-time greatest hits sampler. “Moss this Moss that Moss this Moss that.”

“Pull your 84 jerseys out, this is gonna be a fun ride” (okay it wasn’t a fun ride but whatever).

“Everybody one clap!” I know that was with the Patriots but still, who doesn’t love a one clap?

“I play when I want to play, I’m gonna say what I want to say.”

“Did I say anything stupid today?”

“If I can’t get to it, nobody can get to it.”

If that doesn’t give you chills, you ain’t living. That last one was mine.

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