Randy Moss: Five times he was a great entertainer (Video)

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5. Moon shot in Green Bay

Moss’ famous fake moon in the playoffs at Lambeau Field was in many ways a watershed moment for the NFL. Well think about it.

First, though the moon was certainly not the main reason Moss got run out of Minnesota, it probably was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Vikings management. Moss’ trade out of town changed the future of the franchise forever.

Second, Joe Buck’s outraged reaction to the moon was probably the reason everyone in America started really hating Joe Buck. Before that I think people tolerated Buck, but at that moment everyone realized he is a dope and the whole “Joe Buck stinks” movement really got rolling.

Third, Moss’ moon raised the bar for obscene touchdown celebrations, paving the way for the antics of people like Marshawn Lynch, Joseph Fauria and Doug Baldwin.

Fourth, the moon brought to national attention the fact that Packer fans like to moon the opposing team’s bus as it comes in. Packer fans deserve to be exposed for the dirtbags they are.

In so many ways, Moss’ greatest single moment as an entertainer was the moon-shot heard round the world.