Minnesota Vikings WR Stefon Diggs is superstitious on social media


Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs may be superstitious, even on social media, but fans shouldn’t test him by sending chain mail messages to him.

Back in the day, chain mail was a real pain in the butt. There would be an actual letter in your mailbox describing some horrible thing that happened to someone who you’ve never heard of and there would be a threat that if you didn’t pass it along, the same horrible thing would happen to you.

Thankfully, because of the advancements in technology and the cost of postage stamps, these kind of letters don’t typically come in the mail anymore. However, it’s hard to go through one day of social media on Facebook, Twitter, or other sources without coming across one of these kinds of posts.

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Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs is well aware of these posts as well. In fact, he’ll share them just to avoid getting the bad luck! Check out these tweets from Diggs’ official Twitter account describing his fascination with the chain mail:

But, the Minnesota Vikings pass catcher will pass the message along just to avoid the “bad luck” that the post says will come his way.

He retweets them even though he knows that the threats made in them likely aren’t the real deal.

Some Minnesota Vikings fans noticed that Stefon Diggs was sharing these kind of posts and sent them to him. To their surprise, they did get a retweet from the young wide receiver, but they also got something else they might not have been expecting.

Good job, Diggs, on getting rid of the folks who bombard you with the “bad luck” superstition tweets. Still, it is interesting to see a professional athlete who worked so hard to get where he is today be worried about getting bad luck by not passing along a tweet on social media.

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Despite all that, Minnesota Vikings fans might like that Diggs isn’t taking any chances. The last thing the team needs is bad luck, considering the history of the franchise and all the heartbreaking moments that have come from just one play going wrong.