A Minnesota Vikings fan loves Greenway (and boy bands)


There is a Minnesota Vikings fan out there who wants linebacker Chad Greenway back with the team enough to make a boy band parody song about re-signing him.

The Minnesota Vikings are exploring a lot of options at linebacker for the 2016 NFL season, but so far that hasn’t resulted in the team bringing back veteran linebacker Chad Greenway.

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Greenway is a fan favorite in Minnesota. Not only was he a solid linebacker for the team for many years who knows he is currently in his decline, but he does fantastic things for charity and always seems to go the extra mile for fans. Last year, he even took on a smaller role for the team, but still was a part of the Vikings 2016 success.

Not having Chad Greenway locked up for the 2016 NFL season has some fans worried. The idea of him finishing out his career with a different team doesn’t sit well with a majority of the fan base and they want a deal done to bring him back for what should be his final season.

One fan took this desire to another level, creating a boy band parody song of The Backstreet Boys’ hit song “I Want It That Way” and reworded the lyrics to apply to Greenway. Here is the song, which is actually oddly decent:

Thanks to a post on SB Nation’s Minnesota Vikings fan site Daily Norseman, this song was brought to light. It appears to be hosted on the 1500 ESPN site and iHeart Radio. While I can’t seem to figure out who the artist of the song is or if it was part of a radio broadcast, I do know that it is actually a pretty well done parody song that describes how some fans really want Greenway back.

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The song states that Greenway deserves to come back for at least $3 million this year and that his leadership can be a real asset to the team. At this time, it is unknown if the team sees the veteran linebacker in their plans for the 2016 NFL season, but fans can still hope (and sing) that Greenway will come back to finish out his NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings.