Vikings and Wells Fargo to have settlement conferences over sign


The Minnesota Vikings and Wells Fargo will have settlement conferences to help work out a disagreement about signs near U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

With every passing day, U.S. Bank Stadium gets closer to completion. The future home of the Minnesota Vikings will be home of some of the biggest events in the world, including rock concerts, soccer games, the Final Four, and the NFL’s Super Bowl.

But there is still a problem that the Vikings have with the stadium. There is still a worry about the sign at Wells Fargo that the team feels is “photobombing” the billion dollar facility. The banking giant and the NFL franchise have gone back and forth about whether or not the sign is an issue, even getting the legal system involved.

According to an article on the Star Tribune website, the two parties will be ordered to attend settlement conferences, where each side will talk to a neutral party and try to find a way for both sides to meet a compromise. U.S. Magistrate Janie Mayeron explained what the settlement conferences are in the article:

"“This means each party must attend through a person who has the power to change that party’s settlement posture during the course of the conference,” she wrote."

The disagreement comes from the building’s rooftops, which extend 18 inches past the top of the 17 story building. According to a current agreement, the team can have 56-by-56 foot logos on each of the rooftops, and this sign keeps that from happening.

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18 inches doesn’t seem like a lot, but it could mean millions of dollars in advertising revenue or altering the marketing structure of each organization. In hopes of working out a compromise, the settlement conferences will be held on April 26, 2016, where each side has been advised to have been advised by Mayeron to have “the entire day and evening, if necessary” available.