Jared Allen: 5 times the Vikings legend was straight up crazy

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5. Jared Allen hunts wild buffalo with a bow, kills an elk with a spear

Allen has always been an avid hunter and has taken several opportunities to appear on TV shows and show off his prowess as a stalker and killer of game. On one show, Allen put down the gun and picked up some different weapons to prove that he is truly a Great White Hunter.

Once, Allen stalked wild buffalo through the swamps of Florida armed only with a bow. In the above video (which you should not watch if you don’t like seeing animals killed) Allen lets an arrow fly and brings down his prey. Allen is so geeked about his kill that his hands are literally shaking.

On another occasion, Allen demonstrated how to kill an elk with only a spear. It’s a skill that might come in handy if you’re ever in the woods and want to eat some elk meat but only have a spear. Again, warning, animal death.

And what did Allen do with his meat when he was done killing it? Why of course he cooked it up and ate it. As a lot of people know, Allen acquired his cooking skill when studying at a prestigious university.

Thanks for the crazy crazy memories Jared!