Minnesota Vikings: ESPN posts Packers won NFC North in 2015


In a recent Facebook post by ESPN, the media outlet stated that the Green Bay Packers, not the Minnesota Vikings, won the NFC North during the 2015 season.

Mistakes happen all the time in the media. Heck, even here on the The Viking Age, I make errors that I shouldn’t. But when that media outlet is a worldwide juggernaut in sports reporting like ESPN, those errors can stick out like a sore thumb.

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Today, ESPN was doing their usual work talking about sports when they shared an online article about how the NFC North was going to be competitive this season. However, what they might not have realized as they share that article on Facebook was that the text that went along with it was not quite factually accurate.

Here is a photo of the post that has since been deleted from ESPN’s Facebook timeline:

ESPN's article about the NFC North - ESPN on Facebook
ESPN’s article about the NFC North – ESPN on Facebook /

Football fans may remember that the NFC North crown was a highly contested one last season that came down to week 17 in a head-to-head matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field. That game was a low scoring affair, where the Minnesota Vikings came up victorious 20-13 and captured the NFC North championship.

ESPN’s error didn’t go unnoticed by my friend Clint Frederiksen, who immediately messaged me laughing about the mistake. Of course, I couldn’t keep this to myself and shared it on my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Twitter post caught on like wildfire with fans responding to the mistake. It even caught the eye of the folks running the official Minnesota Vikings website, who responded to my tweet in one of the best ways possible.

While this was all fun, please remember that people as well as media outlets make mistakes. Although this time the Minnesota Vikings were the team left out in the cold, we should remember to stay classy, Minnesota and hold our heads high.

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The Minnesota Vikings will defend their NFC North championship during the 2016 season at their new home inside U.S. Bank Stadium. Of course, fans can always look up at the 2015 NFC North Champions banner if they ever need to be reminded that this a team on the rise and one that can hopefully make some noise in the playoffs this year.