Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr’s new charity for single moms


Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr has created a new charitable foundation to help single mothers struggling to get by to go get a college education.

There are a lot of great charities run by players in the Minnesota Vikings organization. Chad Greenway’s Lead The Way Foundation is the most recognizable one, but there are others run by Adrian Peterson, Brian Robison and others that also do great things for their community.

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Now, linebacker Anthony Barr has decided to give back. This time, it is a cause that is very personal to him and his childhood. The Anthony Barr Foundation was created to help single mothers who are struggling financially to attend and complete college.

Here is a statement from Anthony Barr from ESPN:

"“I was raised in a single-parent home. My mother, I watched her work long days, long nights and go to school all throughout that, so we think it’s going to be a great opportunity for us to kind of give back. … We’re hoping to provide some relief and I think it’s going to beneficial for everyone.”"

Barr credits much of his success to his mother. The dynamic linebacker has pushed himself to become one of the key pieces to the Minnesota Vikings defense, and the motivation from his mother has a lot to do with that.

Check out this great YouTube video of Anthony Barr talking about his mother and her impact on his drive for success in football and in life:

It is always great to see NFL players and other celebrities want to give back to the community and help out. It is especially touching when the cause is a personal one or one that is important to the organizer. For Anthony Barr of the Minnesota Vikings, having his mother Lori Barr as the vice president of the foundation is an even sweeter development.

"“With the Anthony Barr Foundation, we want single moms to know that they’re not alone,” said Lori. “We’re here to help.”"

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You can see Anthony Barr and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings this season as they fight to repeat as the NFC North champions. In addition, you can learn more about The Anthony Barr Foundation by visiting the official website.