Minnesota Vikings fight song gets ‘Hey Teddy’ treatment


A new version of the Minnesota Vikings fight song got laid down by Obadiah aka Skolbadiah, asking quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to his birthday party.

People post cover songs on YouTube and invite celebrities to event all the time, but very few do it with the kind of flair that 6 year old Obadiah Gamble shows in a new video titled “Hey Teddy”.

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Gamble is a huge fan of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. In nearly every photo and video of the young man, he’s wearing purple and more often than not it also has the team’s quarterback front and center. Because of this, he decided to invite Bridgewater to his birthday party.

But a straight-forward invitation just wouldn’t cut it. Instead, the young man recorded his take on the Minnesota Vikings fight song “Skol Vikings” and added a catchy chorus to the song to make it even more of an earworm.

Here is the video from the YouTube account of Vanessa Gamble, which is also shared on Obadiah’s Twitter account:

Between the charm of the cutout microphone and props and the catchy song itself, this song has the potential to be a regular selection during Minnesota Vikings tailgating. Not only that, but hopefully it gets the attention of Bridgewater himself to hear the invite to Gamble’s party.

In case you were wondering Obadiah isn’t limited to just his vocal skills. On his Twitter account, he was shown doing some drumming with some pails just like street performers do sometimes. Here is that video.

Hopefully, this video will catch the eye of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, but for not it has at least captured the hearts and invaded the ears of fans around the internet. Once you hear “Hey Teddy” for the first time, odds are you’ll have trouble getting it out of your head for the rest of the day.

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Huge thanks go out to Vanessa Gamble for sharing this great video and congratulations go out to Obadiah Gamble on creating such a catchy song to get the attention of his favorite Minnesota Vikings player.

***UPDATE*** Bridgewater actually attended Skolbediah’s birthday party! Check out a picture HERE.