Minnesota Vikings: Who will be the next player to cash in big?


With Harrison Smith signing a big extension with the Minnesota Vikings, which young player will be next in line to get a big contract from the team?

When the Minnesota Vikings started their youth movement, things were looking great. There was a healthy mix of veteran players and new faces that kept the team relatively inexpensive and still developing.

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However, the years of multiple first round draft picks have caught up to the team. Today, the Vikings extended the contract of safety Harrison Smith to make him the highest paid player in the league at his position. But there are still players on their last year of their deals or approaching that time soon who will also need to get paid.

So, that brings up the question of who the next player to get a huge contract will be. Here are some of the best options for guys who could get massive paydays when their rookie deals and th year options are up:

Matt Kalil, offensive tackle

  • Kalil is the most likely to get a big payday soonest, as he has his 5th year option running out after this year. However, he’ll have to play very well and show he can return to his rookie form in order to earn that big check.

Xavier Rhodes, cornerback

  • If Matt Kalil isn’t the next Vikings player to cash in, it will likely be Rhodes. There are times that the cornerback looks like a shutdown player and he has become a great asset, when healthy, in the Minnesota Vikings secondary.

Sharrif Floyd, defensive tackle

  • Floyd will get an extension, but just how much he gets will depend entire on his ability to stay on the field. Injuries have hampered him over the years, but one solid season of play could prove he’s worth a big payday.

Cordarrelle Patterson, kick returner

  • Yes, kick returner. Until he can prove to be an asset at wide receiver, he will be just that. However, he has a season to prove that he can work hard and earn a big role in the passing game to go with his excellent return skills.

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Which Minnesota Vikings player do you think will be the next to get a big extension? Will it be one of the players listed above, or will it be someone else on a short deal stepping up and earning a big payday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.