Adrian Peterson plays golf in a white t-shirt (Video)


Adrian Peterson participated in a charity golf tournament at Mystic Lake and didn’t exactly stick to the dress code.

Most folks when they go to the golf course make at least some effort to adhere to the normal dress code observed in such places. And then there’s Adrian Peterson.

On Wednedsay Peterson accompanied a bunch of his teammates and coaches to Mystic Lake golf course for the team’s annual tournament supporting the Vikings’ Children’s Fund, and let’s just say his outfit was not exactly what you would call standard for a day of hacking it around the fairways.

While Peterson’s fellow Vikings were all decked out in polo shirts, long pants and the like, Peterson went with a casual ensemble made up of white t-shirt, shorts and a gold chain.

Everyone else looked ready or a round of golf, but Peterson looked more prepared for a night out at the club.

KSTP was kind enough to post some video of Adrian and the Vikings showing off their golf “skills.” Of all the players, Blair Walsh looked the most at home out there. A few guys looked like they’ve never swung a golf club in their lives.

Laquon Treadwell’s swing looks a lot like mine. But at least Laquon was dressed appropriately! No Raiders hat in this video, as you can see.

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Adrian Peterson is Adrian Peterson, so he’ll dress however he wants. What are they going to do, throw him off the course?

According to KSTP, Vikings legends Doug Sutherland, Henry Thomas, John Randle, Chris Doleman and Paul Krause were also on-hand for the big event. It looks like everyone had a good time, even the guys who have no idea what to do with a golf club.

As for Adrian’s look…hey, at least he was comfortable.