Tarvaris Jackson creates Johnny Manziel-like headline


Tarvaris Jackson has joined Johnny Manziel on the short and sad list of disgraced unemployed quarterbacks.

Tarvaris Jackson like Johnny Manziel is currently not employed by any NFL team. Unlike Manziel, we all assumed the still-valuable and generally not-problem-causing Jackson would ultimately sign on somewhere for 2016.

But after today’s developments we can now probably safely assume that Jackson will, like Manziel, remain unemployed for the foreseeable future.

This is not the sort of tweet most of us expected to ever see about Tarvaris Jackson. Just goes to show, we really don’t know these people at all.

The details on this story are pretty disturbing. According to Chris Hush of WESH TV in Orlando, an intoxicated Jackson pulled the gun on his wife, loaded it and told her “I’ll kill you.” The wife reportedly said back to Jackson “You better be accurate because you ain’t accurate on the field.”

Luckily, the incident did not develop beyond the threats-and-insults stage. Jackson was reportedly stopped by someone else who was present in the home at the time. According to Rush, Jackson’s kids were sleeping inside the same home during the incident.

Police reportedly found weed inside the home.

The now 33-year-old Jackson was originally a second-round pick of Brad Childress and the Vikings back in 2006. T-Jack was rushed into the starting lineup by a quarterback-starved Vikings team, spending the 2007 and 2008 seasons in and out of the#1 job until finally being replaced by Brett Favre in 2009.

In 2008, Jackson started a playoff game for the Vikes after coming on to replace an injured Gus Frerotte. The Vikings would lose that game despite being at home.

Jackson finally moved on to the Seahawks in 2011, but despite putting up a decent statistical season that year, he was ultimately replaced by Russell Wilson.

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T-Jack hung on with Seattle as Wilson’s backup, earning a Super Bowl ring in the process. There had been speculation that he might return to Seattle for the 2016 season to again serve as Wilson’s #2 but after Friday’s report I seriously doubt we’ll see Jackson in a Seahawks uniform or any other uniform this year.

If this is the end of Jackson’s career, it’s a pretty sad one. When you hear about unemployed quarterbacks getting high and doing insanely stupid things you normally think of Johnny Manziel, not good old T-Jack.