Vikings Village to offer longhouse at U.S. Bank Stadium


Minnesota Vikings fans hoping to interact and tailgate before games at U.S. Bank Stadium will have a longhouse and family activities at their disposal.

One of the biggest concerns for fans of the Minnesota Vikings leading up to the grand opening of U.S. Bank Stadium for the 2016 NFL season is the availability of areas for pre-game activities. Fans have been reading up on how there will be designated tailgating zones and they may have to do their pre-gaming a moderate distance from the stadium itself.

Thankfully, the Vikings have been listening and will be offering a fantastic place for fans of all ages to get together and rally for the upcoming game. According to the official Minnesota Vikings website, there will be a longhouse placed in Vikings Village that will play host to many family-friendly activities.

This is a fantastic addition to a stadium that has already put together so many fantastic things for fans. Vikings Vice President of Marketing and Fan Engagement Dannon Hulskotter is excited about offering this location in The Commons for those wanting to get excited about Minnesota football.

"“I think for residents that have families, The Commons is a great option for them, even if they don’t have a ticket for the game. They can come and take part in those activities, and there’s going to be a certain level of excitement and atmosphere that the expanded fan-engagement area outside of U.S. Bank Stadium will bring.”"

Even on days when there isn’t a Minnesota Vikings games going on, there are plenty of options for activities at the longhouse in Vikings Village that the community may want to use.

"“It’s really an extension of all the different hospitality spaces within U.S. Bank Stadium on non-Vikings game days,” Hulskotter said. “It’s not just a game-day asset. I think it’s going to be something that the [MSFA] and SMG will want to utilize.”"

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Be sure to head over to the official Minnesota Vikings website to check out some projections of what the longhouse will look like when completed. The location will be open 2.5 hours before each home game and close 2 hours after the conclusion of the game. It sounds like a great place to meet people, get hyped for the game, and then unwind.