U.S. Bank Stadium will be VERY loud for Vikings fans


Vocal fans of the Minnesota Vikings have an opportunity to make U.S. Bank Stadium the loudest home field in the National Football League.

Fans attending Minnesota Vikings football games in Minneapolis this year will be getting one item in particular for free upon their entrance to U.S. Bank Stadium to help make their game day experience more pleasant: earplugs.

Following a rowdy and loud Metallica concert at U.S. Bank Stadium, concerns are starting to arise about the high levels of noise people endure during prolonged events at the new facility.

Recently, ABC News tackled this subject, stating that the new home of the Minnesota Vikings could set records in the NFL for noise if the crowd really gets riled up. While that record would be great to hold, there is also the worry for hearing damage among those in attendance.

"“I think I’ve suffered long-term hearing damage,” one of the Metallica concertgoers said on Twitter. “My ears are still ringing.”"

Check out this video from ABC News discussing the volume levels at U.S. Bank Stadium:

Right now, the Kansas City Chiefs fans hold the record for the loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium with 142.2 decibels. ABC News wanted to remind people that approximately 140 decibels is the level of sound of a jet taking off.

Thankfully, the free earplugs being distributed should help fans worried about short-term damage. However, those only attending a couple of games may not have to worry about the intense noise in small doses unless they are experienced frequently.

"“The thing to remember with noise exposure is it’s cumulative,” Dr. David Geddes explained to ABC News. “So after several decades of attending concerts, football games, you can wind up with a permanent, noise-induced hearing loss.”"

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If you are planning on attending a Minnesota Vikings game, please consider using the earplugs that will be provided upon entrance to U.S. Bank Stadium. With how loud and crazy fans can get on opposing team’s third downs and during player intros, sometimes it is easy to forget about protecting your ears, but that should be a consideration for fans watching games live at the amazing new facility.