Adrian Peterson helps push vehicle of stranded Texas motorist

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson took the time to help a Texas driver push his broken down vehicle to safety in Texas.

Adrian Peterson might be an NFL star, but that won’t stop him from pitching in to help a person in need. That was evidenced by a photo of the running back helping out a Houston, Texas motorist in need.

In a photo shared by Larry Fitzgerald Sr. on Twitter, the Minnesota Vikings all-time leading rusher was seen pushing a broken down truck out of the middle of the road with the help of some other good samaritans.

Here is the tweet from Fitzgerald which included two photos of Peterson pushing the truck as shared on his personal Twitter account:

In the first photo, Peterson can be seen pushing the truck using his hands and shoulder. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings have seen this form from the running back on multiple occasions when pushing a pile forward or fighting for a few extra yards.

The second photo has Adrian turned around and using his back and legs for leverage. This technique was likely very effective, as it appears in the photograph that the group was attempting to push the vehicle up a minor incline.

While no pictures were available to show the vehicle moved completely off the road, it assumed that the truck was able to be removed from the middle of the road to allow traffic to flow normally once again in the streets of Houston, Texas.

It’s great to see Adrian Peterson taking the time to help out this motorist in need. It’s also fun to imagine the face of the driver of the truck when he sees that a star NFL running back is going to help him get his vehicle to safety.