British media has some fun at the expense of a few Vikings players

A hilarious video has popped up of some Minnesota Vikings players participating in a fun game during their recent trip across the pond to the UK.

Almost two months ago, the NFL announced that four 2017 regular season games will be taking place overseas in London. This will be the highest amount of games during a single-season that the league has ever had take place in England.

Of those four games, one of the matchups has the Minnesota Vikings facing off against the Cleveland Browns. For the Vikings, it will be the second time the franchise has played a regular season game in London since 2013.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings

In an effort to get the fans overseas more familiar with some of the members of their roster, Minnesota recently sent over three players to participate in some promotional work for next year’s event. Linebackers Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks along with safety Harrison Smith were the lucky players selected to take the trek over to England.

These three Vikings players participated in a number of activities during their trip, but a video of one of their interactions with the British sports website was recently shared with the rest of the internet to enjoy.

It is certainly an enjoyable three minute video to sit back and watch. Hopefully Minnesota has as much fun in their quest to get to a Super Bowl next season as they did recording this video.