Hey Blair Walsh, you are the exact definition of a fool

(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) Blair Walsh
(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) Blair Walsh /

The former Minnesota Vikings kicker taunted his old team after making a pair of kicks against them last Friday as a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

After signing with the Seattle Seahawks this past offseason, kicker Blair Walsh had been given an opportunity for redemption. Walsh had an abysmal 2016 with the Minnesota Vikings and it eventually resulted in him getting released by the team during the middle of the season.

He never seemed to recover from the emotional trauma he sustained after missing a routine, short-yardage field goal for the Vikings in their 2015 playoff matchup with the Seahawks that would have given Minnesota their first postseason victory since 2009.

After seeing what Walsh had to go through during the following offseason and the early part of the 2016 regular season with reporters constantly questioning his every kick and fans mainly blaming the Vikings’ playoff loss to Seattle entirely on him, some supporters of Minnesota’s football team actually felt bad for Walsh when he was given his release last year.

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Blair Walsh
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) Blair Walsh /

But any remorse or well wishes that he still had been receiving from Vikings’ fans completely disappeared following what the kicker did last Friday night.

During Minnesota’s preseason matchup last week against Walsh and the Seahawks, the kicker was successful on a 52-yard field goal attempt midway through the third quarter that put Seattle ahead 17-6.

The kick could not have been more meaningless considering it was during an exhibition game in front of a quiet crowd with absolutely zero pressure.

But do not tell that to Walsh. Following his successful field goal attempt, the kicker pointed straight in the direction of his former Vikings teammates in some sort of effort to taunt them and proclaim his preseason greatness.

Minnesota was clearly shaking in their boots following the actions of the 175 pound Walsh.

The kicker then came out on the Seahawks’ very next drive and converted on another 52-yard field goal attempt. This time, he could be seen barking a little banter towards the Vikings’ sideline and then celebrating with his new Seattle teammates.

Still celebrating the fact that he made a field goal in the preseason nonetheless.

Following the game, Walsh told reporters that his post-kicking actions were all in good fun and actually instigated by some of Minnesota’s players talking trash to him first.

Cool Blair, but maybe do that stuff in a game that actually matters? And not towards a team that gave you a chance to even have a career in the NFL as a kicker.

Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Vikings /

Minnesota Vikings

A Vikings team that spent a draft pick on you despite the fact that you missed 14 field goal attempts during your senior season at the University of Georgia.

A team that stuck with you as their kicker despite your miss helping cost them a victory in the 2015 playoffs. Minnesota could have easily moved on and gone with someone else, but they stuck with you.

Even in 2016 when you were struggling, the Vikings still continued to give you chances to redeem yourself and remain the team’s kicker. But eventually, the misses began to pile too high and Minnesota had no choice but to find someone who was more reliable.

But you go ahead and keep celebrating kicks that mean absolutely nothing. Soon Seahawks fans will find out just how well you perform under pressure.

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Perhaps you can celebrate a made kick against the Vikings in this season’s playoffs? That is, if you are still on Seattle’s roster at that point in time.