Bradford graded as the best quarterback from Week 3 of the preseason


Despite not throwing a touchdown pass, Pro Football Focus still believes that the Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback performed the best of any NFL passer last week.

So far this preseason, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford has completed 29 of 39 pass attempts (74.4 percent) for 264 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. Not exactly numbers that will blow anyone away, but decent during the preseason to say the least.

Last week in the Vikings’ third preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, Bradford did not do anything amazing out on the field, but he did not make any major mistakes either. He did not throw any touchdowns (or interceptions), but he did end his night having completed 17 of his 21 passes for 134 yards.

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His performance was satisfactory, but definitely not the best among the rest of the quarterbacks around the NFL who played last week.

Among the top passers around the league from the third week of the 2017 preseason were Bryce Petty of the New York Jets (15 for 18, 250 yards, three touchdowns), Tom Brady of the New England Patriots (12 for 15, 174 yards, two touchdowns, one interception), and Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders (13 for 17, 144 yards, two touchdowns).

Despite Bradford not being among the best quarterbacks from a statistical point of view last week, Pro Football Focus still graded him as their top passer from Week 3.

Pro Football Focus has their own unique way of assessing a player’s performance each week and it does not always agree with what the majority thinks. The site grades how a player performs on an individual, per play basis and hardly ever accounts for what is published in the box score.

Hypothetically, Bradford could have finished last week’s game with zero completions, but Pro Football Focus could have still given him a decent grade based on how catchable they felt his throws were. That alone, should boggle a few people’s minds.

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For Bradford, he has everything set up for him to have a great year in 2017. Will he finally be able to have the type of season many envisioned him being capable of when he was drafted first overall back in 2010?